How To Deliver OSB Parallel Services In 1 Day
Instead Of 1 Week

You can start creating OSB parallel services quicker than Oracle consultants, cleaner than Oracle consultants and sometimes better than Oracle consultants.
*** If you are an Oracle consultant, you’ll be doing it quicker, cleaner and better than other Oracle consultants.

”…Split-join Services are Slow to Implement and Hence Expensive”

There is nothing worse than creating yet another split-join service.

It will be extremely cumbersome to implement, require an unhealthy number of OSB resources, and use an unfamiliar syntax. It will be over-complicated for its purpose, and there will be a number of gotchas to learn before the service works reliably.

Worse still is that there is little code that can be reused between different split-join services.

A well-implemented split-join service in OSB is not cheap. It takes a week to build, and the investment won’t reduce the future costs of building other parallel services.

But Now There is a Way to do it Faster!

Enter GenericParallel, a native OSB service that works as a wrapper over split-join and does all the heavy lifting for you.

Familiar OSB notation. Yes! Only OSB proxies are used. No :-( BPEL-like notation.
Fast to implement a parallel service. Yes! You only need 1 day. Sometimes, 1 hour! No :-( Realistically, up to a week per service.
Can re-use the same parallel service for many services. Yes! Any OSB services can be called. No :-( The services are hard-coded in the Split-Join code.
Support for multiple operations. Yes! Can specify operation for each request separately. No :-( The operation is hard-coded in the Split-Join.
Support for RESTful services. Yes! Relative URI, HTTP method, non-XML payloads. No :-( SOAP Only.
Built-in support for limiting concurrency. Yes! Configurable on request level. No :-( You have to write a custom XQ script to split requests into batches and implement double loops to execute them.
Supports OSB user headers. Yes! No efforts required. No :-( Cannot pass user headers without hacks.
Supports SOAP headers. Yes! By default. Theoretically, yes. Practically, no :-(
Policy-based error handling. Yes! Choose one of three error handling policies. No :-( All error handling is manual.
Works around some of OSB issues. Yes! For instance, returns a fault from failed call to Biz service. No :-(
Built-in Debug. Yes! No :-(

Just provide it with a list of requests to make, and it will do the rest!


  • Uses only familiar and basic OSB concepts
  • Is implemented over the standard split-join facility
  • Works in OSB 11 and 12
  • Requires no advanced OSB knowledge
  • Reduces costs dramatically
  • Reduces risks and defect rates
  • Takes care of all the complexities of concurrent programming
  • Provides transparent workarounds for known split-join issues

GenericParallel lets you build parallel services quickly and reliably.

“Cool! … Who Are You, Again?”

My name is Vlad Dyuzhev, and I’m a hands-on SOA architect with 20 years of experience. I’m located in Toronto, Canada. canada

I’ve worked for major companies such as Bell Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Rogers Communications, and Direct Energy.

I’ve been working with OSB for quite a while, and implemented my share of split-join services. One day I had enough, and thought, “What can I do to make it simpler?” Or, better yet, just simple.

In the next few months, I designed and implemented a project which is now known as GenericParallel.

It’s built to help you!

Imagine Yourself Never Touching Another Split-Join, E-V-E-R

You’ll elevate your vision to a higher level, make better architectural decisions, and produce better quality designs.

No more stress over tight deadlines. You will deliver complex concurrent functionality much faster than any estimation would predict, leaving enough time to do the creative work of thinking and hardening your project into something you can be proud of.

Instead of wasting hours and days doing the mundane work split-joins require, you can focus on real business problems, real business needs – and deliver solutions for them.

Your code will be better too. It will be cleaner and more readable. There will also be fewer chances for defects, because GenericParallel takes care of many tricky concurrency issues. You’ll be able to sit and relax through defect triage meetings!

“…One Hour from Download to My First Working Parallel Service!”

You can learn split-join basics in a day. You can waste days of your life implementing them.

Instead, I offer you the opportunity to download and use GenericParallel now for FREE, without any delays, registrations, licenses or limitations!

You’re FREE to inspect, evaluate, use and modify the GenericParallel code as much as you wish.

Follow my step-by-step Quick Start guide and create a fully-powered parallel service in just 1 HOUR.

My 100%, No BS, Guarantee

I personally guarantee that if you make a diligent effort to try and use GenericParallel, you will become a better and faster developer. Even if you do not actually use GenericParallel in your commercial projects, there is plenty to learn from the GenericParallel internals.

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Download by EOD and become a better developer TOMORROW!***
*** Weekends excluded. Have some life.

What Are You Waiting For?

Download And Use GenericParallel NOW!

Still Not Sure? Let’s Check it Again…

  • Do you want to spend hours and hours doing what should be a one hour’s work?
  • Are you OK with the risk of concurrency defects in your split-join services?

If your answers are “No!” and “No!”, then download GenericParallel and start using it a.s.a.p. Seriously.

P.S. You Do not Have Anything to Lose

GenericParallel is a FREE software and requires NO LICENSE. You can try it for as long as you like; you can do PoCs or pilots – with no obligations. At the very least, you may learn a trick or get an idea from the GenericParallel implementation – I don’t mind at all.