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The code is available for FREE use under the BSD license.

You’re free to inspect, evaluate, use and modify GenericParallel code as much as you want as long as BSD license’s clauses are not violated.

The Most Current Version

New attribute for Request element: GPSPassHeaders. You can provide a comma-separated list of existing user header names and they will be passed to the target resource, i.e. you do not need to specify each header as an attribute anymore. If you use GPSPassHeaders=”*“, then all user headers will be passed down.


        <typ:Request ... GPSPassHeaders="OverrideConsumer, CustomBits">

Older Versions

Improved performance for large XML requests and responses.

  • Fix: wrong sorting order if more than 10 requests in a batch
  • Fix: passing all user headers back in the response
  • Improvement: do not sort the responses if we only have one response
  • Feature: <typ:Skip/> as a body suppresses this request, while still keeps the overall requests numbering. Convenient for conditional requests. E.g.:
                <typ:Request GPSTarget="GenericParallelSelfTest/MockServiceA/GPSA">
    Skip element MUST be in the GPS namespace.
  • Fixes for OSB 12.2 (XML parsing fault when working with JSON)
  • GPSQueryString attribute to pass query string to a REST service

Support for REST:

  • Support for non-XML payload types: JSON, CVS, text, …
  • GPSMethod attribute to select HTTP method to use: POST, PUT, GET, DELETE, …
  • GPSRelativeURI attribute to select relative URI to add to Biz base URL.
  • Use Content-Type attribute to set the payload content type.

  • Support for OSB 12: set GPSTarget to pipelines and flows
  • GPSTargetIsProxy attribute is deprecated in favour of GPSTargetType attribute. Existing code that uses GPSTargetIsProxy continues to work.
  • GPSTargetType attribute ("ProxyService","BusinessService","FLOW","Pipeline")
  • GPSTargetType is optional; if omitted, GenericParallel determines the target type in runtime
  • Calls to pipelines and flows in other projects are done via GenericParallelThunk, if exists in that project
  • Verified ability to call business services with WS-Security

  • Default fail mode is now ANY_REQUEST_FAILS, not NEVER.